Yoga Burn Review – Explore Her Yoga Secrets & Debunking Facts

It is every woman’s desire to have a healthy and a good-looking body. No wonder us, girls, have dream of it, since it is such a fulfillment and an overwhelming feeling to be successful in achieving it. Moreover, who does not want a sexy and fabulous body?

There are many ways to achieve such; some of these ways are through keeping a balanced diet or following a daily meal plan, and working out. These two methods are the most common ways to achieve a healthy and an amazing body.

However, did you know that you can achieve this dream body by doing yoga? Though it may be unconventional for now, but a lot of women are switching to yoga as a form of achieving the body size and shape that they desire.

According to a medical study conducted by a yoga practitioner and a medical researcher named Alan Kristal, DPH, MPH, yoga is proven to aid in weight loss and in preventing weight gain (1).

According to statistics, 36 million Americans practice Yoga and while you may have doubts about its effectiveness, the same report reports that, when compared to the general population, women who practice yoga are more likely to get better results. (2)

However, it largely depends on your yoga plans. Thus, it is the mission of Her Yoga Secrets to empower women that they can achieve a healthy and sexy body through yoga; one of the calmest fat-burning activities you can ever think of. Her Yoga Secrets, which are also called Yoga Burn is a 4-month successive yoga program especially made for women. It is a distinctive program which is designed to teach women a way to do yoga that helps them in losing weight, toning their muscles as well as in reducing stress.

This yoga program is based on a dynamic sequencing approach which promotes a healthy and natural way to lose weight. In doing this kind of yoga, you are focusing on a sequential and right poses to do for a given time duration. This way is said to deliver the best results to women in order to achieve the bodies they have always dreamed of. This article will let you know more about Her Yoga Secrets or Yoga Burn through the Her Yoga Secrets Review below.

Yoga Burn (Her Yoga Secrets) Review

Who is Zoe Bray-Cotton?

Zoe Bray Cotton

Zoe Bray-Cotton is a personal trainer, a certified yoga instructor, and a female body transformation expert. She is the mind behind “Her Yoga Secrets” which was released in 2016. She is a dedicated yoga instructor which helps her fellow women to achieve the body they want through yoga.

yoga burn review

According to Her Yoga Secret’s creator Zoe Bray-Cotton, there are 3 yoga mistakes when are doing:

  • Women enroll in a common yoga class.
  • When enrolling in a common yoga class, you will be with people with different levels of experience in doing yoga; some are beginners and some are experts. Thus, if you are just beginning your journey into yoga, you would be forced to do poses that are not yet suitable for you, which may increase the risk of you getting an injury.

  • Women believe that all yoga classes relieve stress.
  • Though doing yoga may be connoted as an activity that relieves stress, well, it is not the case every time. Going to yoga classes regularly can even increase the cortisol hormone levels of the body, which is considered a stress hormone.

  • Women do the same yoga pose repetitively.
  • Doing the same yoga poses repeatedly decreases the ability of the pose done to aid weight loss. Thus, there is a need for a variation of yoga poses done to see the best results yoga can provide you.

Her Yoga Secrets or Yoga Burn’s aim is to correct these common mistakes women do. That is why it was divided into 3 stages:

  • foundational 
  • transitional 
  • mastery

The Mastery flow is a stage wherein you apply and combine all things you have learned the first and second stages. In this stage, you will do sequences which will boost your metabolism as well as aid in providing you a firmer and tighter buttocks area.

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Yoga Burn also comes with additional bonus phases:

01. Follow-along audio classes

02. The Tranquillity Flow


her yoga secrets review
  • It is the best weight loss activity every woman can do.
  • Zoe Bray-Cotton has arranged the program to be the best weight loss choice every woman can do. Her Yoga Secrets/Yoga Burn has demonstrative videos which will show you how to do a pose or a sequence that is most suitable on the fitness level you are currently in. In addition, the sequences done in this program changes as you progress to prevent you from workout plateaus, which never bring good results.

  • It comes with instructions designed just for you.
  • Since one common drawback in yoga classes is that it is done on a common class to teach people with different experience levels, Zoe Bray-Cotton corrected this mistake by designing the program that puts you first.This program has instructions that are designed for you, depending on what experience level you have. This program is best designed for beginners and also for women with knowledge about yoga.

  • It enables you to do yoga at home.
  • Doing yoga by attending a regular class can be stressful! Aside from being judged by other people in your class, you are not being taught well with the things you should know, especially when it relates to your experience level, since the yoga instructors do not consider people, individually, in the class; if you have experts in the class, then you will be forced to do poses not yet suitable for you, which can increase the risk of you getting an injury.With this program, you are going to get rid of all of that and do yoga in the convenience of your home or wherever you are.

  • It is driven by results and enables you to see progressive results as you go.
  • Since this program involves stages that help you learn yoga holistically, it enables you to learn what you must learn and do poses and sequences, until you see amazing results as you go. In addition, this program’s lessons change from one to another, so you should not worry about experiencing a workout plateau.

60 Days Money Back
  • It is affordable and has a money-back guarantee when you are unsatisfied.
  • Buying this program is more affordable compared to attending yoga classes which costs around $10-20 per class. When you purchase this program, you are only going to pay once and it is yours for a lifetime!In addition, you can also avail of a 60-day money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied because you do not see visible results.


  • It requires continuous effort to see results.
  • Just like other methods in losing weight, doing this program requires you to do a continuous effort to see amazing results. Since yoga is a ‘silent’ way to lose weight, expect it to provide ‘silent’ results in the beginning.However, nothing that is worth it comes easy, right? Just stay motivated and you will just see the best results in the long run.

  • It can only be availed online.
  • This may be inconvenient for women who do not have an access to the Internet all of the time, but wishes to avail of this program. Though this can help a lot of women who are starting their journey in the world of yoga, this program is still limited since it can only be purchased online.

  • It is designed for beginners.
  • Since the creator Zoe Bray-Cotton aims to help women who are just starting to learn yoga, expect this program to be almost completely designed for beginners. If are already an expert in yoga and have a wide knowledge about it, then taking up this program may not be ideal for you.


With all these benefits and features presented, Her Yoga Secrets or Yoga Burn is truly a convenient way for women to start their journey in doing yoga. Since this is a program which enables you to do it at the comfort of your home or anywhere, it saves you from the yoga mistakes you might get in enrolling in a common yoga class. This program is designed to unleash the power in women through the health benefits, weight loss and stress relief they can get from doing yoga.

Even though this program is not ideal for experts in yoga, this can really be of great help to yoga beginners in becoming experts in the long run. Do you want a unique way to lose weight? Try availing of this Her Yoga Secrets/ Yoga Burn program and see what it can do for you!

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